Waste Management

Vehicle camera systems in the waste management sector have become very popular recently due to the number of serious incidents and fatalities that occur. IdriveAI creates customizable camera systems that not only protects the driver and the company from liability, but also ensures adherence to safety protocols.

Garbage Trucks

Record and document the entire waste collection process:

  • Prevent Collisions with Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Other Vehicles
  • Help in Monitoring the Surroundings when Manoeuvring in Tight Urban Spaces
  • Provide the Driver with a Clear View of Blind Spots, Significantly Reducing the Risk of Accidents
  • Offers Valuable Evidence in Case of Incidents or Disputes
  • Enhance Safety and Operational Efficiency

Street Sweepers

Safely navigate busy roads:

  • Transmit Video Footage Remotely in near Real-time
  • Monitor and Record Video Footage in the Event of an Incident
  • Provide Drivers with Visual and Audible Alerts to Help Protect Pedestrians
  • Offers 360-visibility Around the Vehicle, Particularly the Rear of the Vehicle Where Most Accidents Happen
  • Keep Your Team and Equipment Safe During Operation

Skip Loaders

Safety products tested to withstand the harshest of environments:

  • Transport Waste Safely with Effective Monitoring of Load
  • Safeguard Against False Allegations or Disputes
  • Help Improve Driver Coaching and Profiling
  • Prevent Insurance Fraud and Potentially Lower Premiums
  • Gain Complete Visibility into Vehicle Utilisation