Logistics & Trucking

Designed to give fleet managers real-time information and full visibility of their entire fleet, the IdriveAI smart DVR system is the ideal solution for the logistics and trucking industry. Offering a multitude of benefits that enhance safety, efficiency, compliance and cost effectiveness, our system also provides comprehensive monitoring and recording capabilities ensuring cargo is secure throughout the journey, preventing losses and damage to goods.


Protect and exonerate your drivers with easily accessible video footage:

  • Prevent Incidents with Real-time In-cab Alerts for Alerts for Fatigue, Seat Belt, Distraction, Cell Phone Usage, Speeding and More
  • Lower Insurance Premiums and Decrease the Incident Frequency with Actionable Driver Behaviour Insights
  • Accurately Track Vehicles to Improve Route Optimization, Reduce Delivery Delays and Provide a Better Service for Customers
  • Significantly Reduce Operational Costs such as Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance


Eliminate blind spots to prevent incidents:

  • Protect Both the Vehicle and its Contents
  • Monitor the Cargo Area to Ensure Goods are Secure and Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Record Driver Actions to Encourage Safer Driving Practices
  • Use Recorded Footage to Aid Driver Coaching
  • Ensure Compliance with Safety and Operational Regulations, Reducing the Risk of Fines and Legal Issues.

Car Transporters

Protect high-value loads:

  • Promote Safer Driving Practices and Reduce Instances of Reckless or Distracted Driving
  • Provide a Clear View of Blind Spots, Helping Drivers to Navigate Safely and Avoid Collisions with Other Vehicles or Obstacles
  • Real-time Video Feeds Alert Drivers to Potential Hazards, Enabling Them to Take Preventive Actions and Avoid Accidents
  • High-definition Cameras Help Drivers Accurately Position Vehicles During Loading and Unloading, Reducing the Risk of Damage
  • Help Identify Maintenance Issues Early with Cameras to Prevent Costly Breakdowns and Ensure the Transporter Remains in Good Working Condition.