Oil & Gas

IdriveAI’s AI-powered specialist vehicle camera systems are revolutionizing the oil and gas sector by enhancing safety, efficiency, and operational oversight.

Tankers (LPG/Crude/Chemicals/Fuel)

Reduce risk and minimize vehicle downtime:

  • AI-powered Cameras Continuously Monitoring Driver Behavior and Road Conditions
  • Real-time Alerts to Prevent Incidents and Ensure Safe Operation of Oil Tankers
  • High-definition Cameras Capture Detailed Footage of Incidents and Near-misses, Aiding Accurate Investigations and Preventing Future Occurrences
  • Monitor and Record Driving Activities to Ensure Compliance with Safety Regulations and Company Policies
  • IdriveAI Adheres to NCAP and Karolinska Institute Standards for Fatigue and Distraction Detection

Bulk Containers

The IdriveAI camera system is ideal for streamlining operations:

  • Ensure Timely Deliveries with our State-of-the-art Fleet Management System
  • Optimize Routes to Improve Fuel Efficiency to Reduce Costs
  • Real-time Alerts to Protect Vulnerable Road Users and Other Workers
  • 360-degree Visibility Covering all Angles with no Blind Spots to Prevent Incidents
  • Comply with the Most Stringent of Safety Regulations and Cultivate a Culture of Driver Safety


IdriveAI multi-camera systems offer multiple benefits:

  • Significantly Enhance Safety and Security During Transportation
  • Provide Real-time Monitoring and Detailed Footage of the Cargo and Surroundings
  • Ensure that Loads are Securely Fastened Reducing the Risk of Theft or Damage
  • Recorded Footage Aids in Accurate Investigations and Helps Prevent Future Occurrences
  • Support Compliance with Safety Regulations and Improve Overall Operational Efficiency