IdriveAI leverages 15 years of expertise in Commercial Vehicle Video Telematics and a decade of experience in Artificial Intelligence, managing over 100,000 diverse vehicles to address your fleet-related challenges comprehensively. Our solutions encompass cost reduction through incident and fuel use reduction, theft prevention, tracking, monitoring, and compliance.

Furthermore, IdriveAI can seamlessly integrate your existing fleet solutions into our platform, offering a unified, user-friendly system that provides complete access to all your solutions in one location. Discover the transformative potential of IdriveAI for your fleet operations.

IdriveAI manufactures the highest quality products entirely in-house in the USA and Europe.

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Iris Platform

Our Iris Platform delivers integrated solutions for risk mitigation, encompassing real-time tracking, advanced video telematics, and comprehensive compliance management focused on driver behavior.

Seamlessly integrating these functions, Iris empowers fleet managers to streamline operations, bolster safety measures, and maintain regulatory adherence.

With instant insights into vehicle performance and advanced hazard detection, Iris optimizes fleet efficiency while fostering a culture of safe driving practices.

Video Telematics

The key to IdriveAI’s accurate performance are proprietary, mature AI algorithms that run a data lake of 17B+ miles of video events collected over 14+ years.

These computer vision algorithms precisely monitor and identify alertness and attention characteristics, processed in real-time for immediate risk mitigation in-cab and in the cloud.

Our AI is also “re-trained” as part of a vast deep learning network that constantly improves Idrive’s performance. The data we have - along with new types of collected data - allows us to detect accidents, warn drivers and assess risk.

Video Review

Our video review services are designed to provide you with the clarity and insights needed to optimize your fleet operations, enhance safety, and reduce costs. Partner with us to leverage the power of video telematics and take your fleet management to the next level.