Introducing The Pro7

The culmination of AI technology and top of the line hardware components merge into the most feature complete, accurate and easy to use AI dash cam there is.

Quad Core Processor
256GB Standard
Up to 1TB
Field of View:
140° / 120°
(Internal / External)
Cellular + Wi-Fi
+ Bluetooth LE
TFT Display for Status
& Notifications


The Pro7 has a complete roster of features that help your drivers be the best

Distracted Driving Detection
Eyelid Closure Detection
Face Recognition
Smoking Detection
Safe Distance Warning
Cyclist Detection
Pedestrian Detection
Lane Departure Warning
Crosswalk Detection
Drowsy Driving Detection

Self Installation

The Pro7 comes with self-install and auto calibration features that will cut installation times dramatically.

The Pro7 connected through the OBD II port will install itself in under 1 minute, eliminating the need for additional cabling or time consuming cable management and positioning.

Fueled by Data, Driven by Technology

From day one, IdriveAI has been focused on creating fleet camera systems that save lives and money. In 2009, we started our journey designing and building one of the world’s first real-time in-cab monitoring vehicle cameras with GPS tracking and Video Telematics for commercial vehicles.

And now, we deliver the world’s most intelligent vision system for detecting and predicting critical driving behaviors. This is achieved by processing over 3 million miles of driver data daily through our proprietary embedded deep learning neural networks.