Our line of products offers you the best tools in the industry to keep everything under control, get to know you fleet, drivers and business better.


Leading AI dual dash camera and video telematics. The culmination of AI technology and top of the line hardware components merge into the most feature complete, accurate and easy to use AI dash cam there is.

  • AI Powered Driver Safety
  • Remote Wake-Up and Video Upload
  • Dual HD Video Telematics and Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • In Cab Alerts
  • Lighting Fast Installation
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The Idrive SuperCap protects electronics from voltage spikes, power surges, momentary power losses, abrupt voltage changes and noise interference on incoming DC power to Mobile Video Recording Electronics prone to memory loss or “crashes”.

The Idrive SuperCap is a solid state device which provides “pure” power to Mobile Video Recording electronics by performing several essential functions.

  • Voltage Spike Protection
  • Backup Power
  • Warning of Imminent Loss of Power and Over Voltages

Smart DVR

Idrive’s Smart DVR provides your drivers with 360-degree visibility around a truck, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety. This advanced system uses multiple HD cameras strategically placed to offer a seamless panoramic view of the truck’s surroundings. Real-time video feeds are integrated into a single, unified display, allowing the driver to monitor all angles simultaneously and even the cargo area. This technology not only assists in manoeuvring and parking but also improves situational awareness, significantly reducing the risk of collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles.

Give your drivers 360-degree visibility.

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