IdriveAI is the ultimate solution for the intermodal industry, offering tailored camera solutions designed to meet the sector’s unique demands. Our advanced technology provides real-time insights and predictive analytics, optimizing operations across various transportation modes. With features like cargo integrity monitoring and route optimization, IdriveAI ensures safety and efficiency in intermodal logistics.

Mobile Stackers

Camera systems are essential for enhancing safety and efficiency in material handling:

  • High-resolution Cameras Provide Operators with a Clear View of Blind Spots and Hard-to-see Areas, Reducing the Risk of Accidents and Collisions.
  • Real-time Video Feeds Enable Precise Maneuvering and Accurate Placement of Heavy Loads, Crucial in Tight Spaces.
  • Features Like Night Vision and Weather Resistance Ensure Reliable Performance in Various Working Conditions.
  • Recorded Footage can be Used for Training Purposes and Incident Investigations.
  • Promotes Continuous Improvement in Safety Practices and Operational Protocols.

Container Cranes

Camera systems are Indispensable tools in modern lifting operations:

  • High-definition Cameras Reduce Blind Spots and Enhance Operator Awareness
  • Live Video Feeds Facilitate Precise Control and Manoeuvring
  • Better View of the Lifting Area Helps Prevent Accidents and Collision
  • Provides a Clear View to Ensure Loads are Securely Fastened and Positioned
  • Recorded Footage Aids in Training and Reviewing Incidents
  • Remote Access Allows Supervisors to Monitor Operations Remotely for Compliance

Terminal Tractors

IdriveAI offers bespoke camera systems for multiple specialist vehicles:

  • Enhance Safety and Productivity at Ports
  • Reduce the Risk of Collisions
  • Improve Health and Safety for Everyone Working within Hazardous Port Environments
  • Offers Full 360-degree Visibility for Drivers
  • Quickly Access Video and Supporting Data of any Incident