Video Telematics

Improving Productivity and Fleet Visibility

IdriveAI specializes in state-of-the-art Video Telematics solutions that transform fleet and risk management. Our sophisticated technology integrates artificial intelligence with video data to deliver real-time insights into driver behavior, vehicle performance, and safety compliance. Our Video Telematics platform empowers businesses to optimize operational efficiency and mitigate risks.

A Birds Eye View with Detailed Insight

Live GPS

Live fleet tracking and monitoring with real-time GPS and video telematics gives you a complete overview of your fleet.

Live Look-In

See what drivers are doing with IdriveAI’s Live Look-In feature that provides both in-cab and road facing footage.


4G LTE ensures strong connectivity in remote areas.

Open API

Partner with IdriveAI to create a holistic fleet management ecosystem by integrating IdriveAI telematics with other solutions.

Live Tracking

IdriveAI’s live GPS Tracking enables management to make decisions faster and utilize fewer resources with our real-time visibility of vehicles, drivers and locations.

  • Search and Track Each of Your Vehicles
  • Instantly View Signal Status, Distance Traveled, Idle and Journey Time, Current Speed and Vehicle ID
  • Schedule Pickups and Deliveries for the Nearest Driver

Live Look-In

See your driver on-demand by requesting 5-seconds of video telematics with the click of a button. Live Look-In adds another dimension of monitoring to your fleet acting as a deterrent to risky driving behavior offering complete visibility.

  • Request Video From Your Mobile Device or Iris Platform
  • Live Look-In Events Feature Audio and Video

Create Geofence Alerts Across Your Entire Fleet

Whether you want to get notified when drivers enter a location or leave, you can create alerts in just a few clicks for both individual and multiple vehicles all at once. Simply drag and drop the shape creator to specify the location.

Unlock A New Perspective
In Driver Safety With Proven And Tested AI