Next Generation of AI Powered Video Telematics

Empowering a safer, smarter and connected fleet through innovative video safety


The Idrive Pro7 is a next-generation intelligent video telematics camera system that leverages AI and a cutting-edge AI online platform for real-time prediction and prevention of driver fatigue, distraction, and incidents.

Centered around the Pro7, IdriveAI’s SaaS business model offers services tailored to meet the full spectrum of our customer and partner’s requirements. Our use of AI, deep learning, and other advanced technologies enables us to achieve unparalleled accuracy and maintain a competitive edge.

IdriveAI designs, engineers, and produces 100% of its hardware, firmware, software, and platform in-house, in the USA and Europe.

  • Fleet Solutions
  • Industry Specific Solutions
  • Compliance Score


IdriveAI conducts in-house hardware and software R&D, designed in the USA and manufactured in the EU. Our dual camera, housed in a single enclosure is one of the most powerful on the market due to our advanced engineering. With 15 years of experience in Video Telematics and 10 years in Artificial Intelligence, you can trust that you're always equipped with the best and latest technology.

  • Dual AI Based Camera
  • Road Facing or Driver Facing Single Camera
  • Alcohol Detection
  • MDVR 4,6,8,10 Camera Systems
  • OBDII/J1939 Vehicle Information Connection (ELD Compatible)
  • 4G Global Connectivity
  • Power Conditioning/Battery Back-Up Solutions


IdriveAI offers flexible service options, available as part of a packaged solution or à la carte. Our Iris platform integrates seamlessly with our products and services, as well as with devices already installed in your fleet. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on vehicle safety, cost savings, and compliance.

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Video Telematics with Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • API Integration to Connect to Your Existing Systems
  • White Labeling Available for Hardware and Platform

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