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The IdriveAI SuperCap is an advanced solid-state device engineered to protect Mobile Video Recording electronics from various power-related issues. It safeguards against voltage spikes, power surges, momentary power losses, abrupt voltage fluctuations, and noise interference in incoming DC power. By mitigating these risks, it prevents memory loss and system crashes, ensuring your equipment remains reliable and performs optimally.



The IdriveAI SuperCap comes equipped with several critical features designed to protect and optimise your Mobile Video Recording systems:

Voltage Spike

Shields electronics from sudden voltage increases, preventing damage.


Provides reliable power during temporary outages, ensuring continuous operation.

Power Loss

Warns of impending power loss, allowing for timely intervention and protection.

Key Benefits

By delivering “clean” power, the Idrive SuperCap enhances the performance and reliability of Mobile Video Recording systems.

This advanced device ensures that your electronics operate smoothly, without disruptions caused by power inconsistencies, thereby maintaining the integrity of your recordings and system functionality.